Radiant Vision Systems to Host Webinar on Sparkle Measurement

by Andrew Fenn

Radiant Vision Systems’ Automotive Business Leader, Matt Scholz, will host a 30-minute webinar called Defining a Sparkle: Measurement Standard for Quality Control of Anti-Glare Displays on Tuesday 3rd April at 12 pm EDT. Topics …

Tags:Anti Glare| Back Panel| Large Display Monitor| Measurement| Mobile Display Monitor| Testing| Vol 25 - Issue 12

DisplayMate OLED TV Shoot Out

by Bob Raikes

Dr. Ray Soneira of DisplayMate Technologies has performed a test of one of the latest 2017 LG OLED TV range, the Model 65E7 and has praised it as ‘visually indistinguishable from perfect’ and could …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Measurement| OLED TVs| Vol 24 - Issue 47

Insight Media Backs Samsung Resolution Proposal

by Bob Raikes

Insight Media’s Chris Chinnock, has written a white paper endorsing a proposal by Samsung to change the way that resolution is measured to make measurements more meaningful now that there is an increasing variety …

Tags:Insight Media| Large Display Monitor| Measurement| Mobile Display Monitor| Resolution| Samsung| Vol 24 - Issue 43

Instrument Systems to Show Production Testing Gear

by Bob Raikes

Instrument Systems plans to show a spectrally optimised LumiTop 2700 imaging colorimeter which is a combination of spectroradiometer and RGB camera at the Productronica show in Munich in a couple of weeks. The system …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Measurement| Mobile Display Monitor| Test Equipment| Vol 24 - Issue 41


FoVI3D Installs Metrology System for Field of Light Displays

by Bob Raikes

FoVI3D has installed a light-field display metrology system at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The equipment is intended for the test, validation, and performance evaluation of a new FoLD display. The FoVI3D delivered Field of …

Tags:Back Panel| Large Display Monitor| Light Field Displays| Measurement| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 24 - Issue 37

OTT Analysis Improved by comScore

by Yvette Raikes

US OTT viewing habits can now be analysed more easily and accurately according to comScore. The firm is using its Total Home Panel platform, which takes measurements through home-connected devices, to provide a new …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Measurement| Mobile Display Monitor| OTT Video| USA| Vol 24 - Issue 19

ICDM Display Metrology Training Course to be Run

by Alan Spencer

SID is to host the first ever ICDM Display Metrology Training Course. Topics included will be, as follows: Display Metrology fundamentals, framework and implementations Measurement demonstrations of content from the ICDM standard VR/HR Metrology …

Tags:Back Panel| ICDM| Large Display Monitor| Measurement| Mobile Display Monitor| SID Display Week 2017| Training| Vol 24 - Issue 14

ICDM Starts Near-to-Eye Group for Display Measurement

by Bob Raikes

The ICDM, which develops the International Display Measurement Standard (IDMS) has established a new subcommittee for near to eye displays for VR/AR and HUDs. Tom Lianza of Photo Research as the subcommittee chair. The …

Tags:Augmented Reality| Back Panel| Head Up Displays HUDs| Measurement| Mobile Display Monitor| Virtual Reality| Vol 23 - Issue 39

Color Gamuts and Getting To “True” Colors

by Steve Sechrist

A Kingswood, Surrey BBC engineer once told me that in his R&D lab, NTSC was an acronym for “Never Twice the Same Color” (Ha!) and even though this was a light swipe at our …

Tags:Measurement| Rec 2020| Rec 709| Vol 23 - Issue 15

ICDM Launches File Formats Workgroup

by Tom Allen

The International Committee for Display Metrology has announced a new workgroup, for file format management and standardisation. Based in OpenEXR, Workgroup 4 aims to develop a file format standardisation effort for displays and related …

Tags:Formats| ICDM| Large Display Monitor| Measurement| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 14

ICDM Reorganises Projection Committees

by Tom Allen

The ICDM has announced that Joe Kane will take over as the chair of its Front Projector Screen subcommittee. Karl Lang, of Lumita Labs (which tests projectors for and who was at ISE …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Measurement| People| Projectors| USA| Vol 23 - Issue 06

Is There a New Number for Projector Performance?

by Bob Raikes

Buyers of professional and technical products like to buy on what they hope will be a rational basis. Of course, there is always room for branding, marketing and the sales and marketing processes, but …

Tags:Colour Quality| Colour Wheel| DLP Projectors| Epson| LCD Projectors (3LCD)| Measurement| Vol 22 - Issue 49