JCDecaux Secures New Airport Advertising Rights

by Tom Allen

JCDecaux has won the tender for a 10-year contract to install and operate advertising screens at the Rio De Janeiro Galeão International Airport – Tom Jobim International Airport, in Rio de Janeiro. The company has not …

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DirecTV Market Share Shifts Regions

by Tom Allen

The DirecTV group will end 2015 with a higher number of pay-TV subscribers in Latin American than in the USA for the first time, according to research from Dataxis. As of Q3’14, US customers …

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Mexico squat machine

Squats for Subway Rides in Mexico City

by Tom Allen

To combat rising obesity levels in Mexico, officials in Mexico City are offering free tickets on the metro trains to passengers who indulge in some light exercise. Thirty ‘health stations’ have been installed at …

Tags:Digital Signage| Large Display Monitor| LATAM| Vol 22 - Issue 05

Colombia Passes 8 Million TV Subs – Unofficially

by Tom Allen

The BB Business Bureau of Argentina estimates that there were almost 8.1 million pay-TV subscribers in Colombia at the end of 2014, up 4.3% YoY. Official figures from the Autoridad Nacional de Television put the …

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AOC & Philips Aim at All of the Americas

by Bob Raikes

AOC has a tablet stand that is popular in educationAOC/TPV was in a suite to see its partners, not only in North America, but in Latin America as many resellers in the region come …

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Chilean Satellite Overtook Wired Pay-TV in 2014

by Tom Allen

At the end of Q3’14, Chile had gained almost 200,000 satellite subscribers (up 16.1%), to more than 1.4 million, according to the Subsecretaría de Telecomunicaciones (Subtel). Cable and IPTV subscribers rose from 1.26 million to …

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Latam Pay TV Market is Growing

by Bob Raikes

According to data from Dataxis, quoted in NexTV Latam (Spanish language), there were 66 million Pay TV clients in Latin America in the third quarter of 2014. Satellite was the biggest carrier, with 32.8 million …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| LATAM| Pay TV| TV Reception| Vol 22 - Issue 01

Brazil Approaches 20 Million Pay TV Subs

by Bob Raikes

Brazilian regulator Anatel has said that the country is likely to exceed 20 million pay-TV subscribers this year. Anatel believes that the growth seen in October (210,000 new subscribers, boosting the total to 19.65 …

Tags:Cable| IPTV| Large Display Monitor| LATAM| Pay TV| Satellite| Vol 21 - Issue 50

Vizio Expands South of the Border

by Raverstead

Vizio has entered the Mexican market. The company’s E-series and M-Series TVs are now being sold through Sams’s Club and Walmart Superstore locations.

Tags:Distributors| Large Display Monitor| LATAM| TVs (TV Sets)| Vizio| Vol 21 - Issue 44| Walmart

Ingram Brings Kyocera to LATAM

by Raverstead

Kyocera has taken on Ingram Micro Mobility to distribute its mobile phones in Latin America. The first will be the rugged Duraforce smartphone.

Tags:Distributors| Ingram Micro| Kyocera| LATAM| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartphones| Vol 21 - Issue 44

The Latin American Perspective on the Display World

by Helen Vince

SID Latin Display Conference – I’m currently in Brazil for the annual Latin Display conference – an SID event that is run to help to educate display users in Brazil, and give an opportunity …

Tags:business| LATAM| Latin Display 2014| Vol 21 - Issue 45

HD Continues to Grow in LATAM

by Super User

60% of pay-TV subscribers in Latin America will be taking HD services by 2018, according to Dataxis. HD subscribers in the region stood at 13.9 million in Q1’14. Brazil is currently the largest LATAM …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| LATAM| Pay TV| Vol 21 - Issue 42| Volume 21