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Mid-week Links – Week Ending 7th October 2022

by Bob Raikes

Every week we see some articles that don’t really need comment or are just plain interesting. Here are a few from the middle of this week. I will be trying to squeeze in a …

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Bringing the Movie House Home

by Andy Marken

We really like movies. In fact, we watched two pretty decent movies last weekend. Clicked through our streaming services, found a couple on our “gotta catch this” list and watched them. It’s been that …

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CEDIA Attendance Clobbered By COVID

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Sixteen-nine.net reported that attendance for the Cedia trade show was ‘utterly clobbered’ by the virus, with attendees down from 20,000 two years ago to 1,400 this year and exhibitors down from …

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Can a Display Be Too Bright?

by Pete Putman

The HPA (Hollywood Professionals’ Association) Tech Retreat is an event that I have always wanted to attend, but Pete always did and it was hard to justify the cost of a trip. However, the …

Tags:Cinema| Contrast| Home Theatre| Projectors

On Samsung, LEDs, and Market Positioning

by Pete Putman

Two weeks ago, I was invited to the grand opening of Samsung’s newest EBC facility in Irvine, California; a hop, skip, and a jump from John Wayne Airport. (No kidding, I walked about 15 …

Tags:Home Theatre| LED| LED Cinema| Meeting Rooms| Small Pixel Pitch LED SPP| Super Hi-Vision (8K)

R.I.P For Home Theater Projectors?

by Pete Putman

Recent trends in large flat screen displays have me wondering if we are seeing the beginning of the end for home theater front projection. (We are already seeing pressure on front projection for commercial …

Tags:Home Cinema| Home Theatre| Pricing| TVs (TV Sets)| Vol 25 - Issue 37

Epson Highlights LCD vs DLP Issues with Home Cinema 4010

by Matthew Brennesholtz

Epson Pro Cinema 4050 4K PRO-UHD projector (Credit: Epson) On September 18th, Epson introduced its new Home Cinema 4010 4K PRO-UHD Projector. This projector targets the DIY home theater market while the nearly identical …

Tags:DLP Projectors| Epson| HDR - High Dynamic Range| Home Theatre| Large Display Monitor| Optoma| UltraHD (4KTV)| Vol 25 - Issue 36

ViewSonic Joins UHD DLP Trend

by Bob Raikes

ViewSonic will start shipping a new home cinema projector, the PX7470-4K at the end of Q1. The unit has an UltraHD imager based on a DC3 0.47″ DLP with 3,500 Ansi lumens of output …

Tags:DLP Projectors| Home Theatre| Large Display Monitor| UltraHD| ViewSonic| Vol 25 - Issue 11

Leyard and Planar Displays Installed in $250m Bel Air Mansion

by Andrew Fenn

Bruce Makowsky, founder of BAM Luxury Development, has built the United States’ most expensive home, listed at $250 million, in collaboration with Leyard and Planar. The 38,000m² four-storey mansion incorporates some pretty spectacular home …

Tags:Home Theatre| Large Display Monitor| Leyard| Planar| Small Pixel Pitch LED SPP| Video Walls| Vol 24 - Issue 41

Hisense Introduces 100” Laser TV

by Matthew Brennesholtz

On October 24th, Hisense USA held an event in New York at the Harman Store to introduce its 100″ 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV. A similar but not identical prototype unit had been …

Tags:Hisense| Home Theatre| Large Display Monitor| Laser Phosphor Projectors| UST Projectors| Vol 24 - Issue 40

Ultra-Short Throw Projectors as TVs in Micro Apartments

by Kenneth Li

Over recent years, many projector makers have introduced ultra-short throw projectors with the goal of enabling large display areas with the compactness of a projector and without the need for a large room, i.e. …

Tags:Home Theatre| UST Projectors| Vol 24 - Issue 30