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What Meta’s Price Drops Tells You About Making Headsets

by Omid Rahmat

There are three fundamental problems with making headsets for AR/VR/MR. First, which of the three is it? Second, it’s never about what you see, but how you see it. Third, you have to have …

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MIT’s AR Headset Gives Users X-Ray Vision

by Omid Rahmat

Researchers have created an augmented reality headset that combines computer vision and wireless perception to automatically locate specific items hidden from view. The X-AR headset utilizes radio frequency (RF) signals that can pass through …

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Starbreeze Plans Low Persistence and Eye Tracking

by Tom Allen

Road to VR‘s Ben Lang spoke to Emmanuel Marquez, CTO of Starbreeze VR, at E3 this month. We first began covering the firm about a year ago, when its HMD became famous for its …

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Waves + Realsense = Positional Headphone Audio

by Tom Allen

Audio brand Waves is using Intel’s Realsense technology to enable positional audio – with headphones. The Waves Nx product runs on PCs, laptops and other devices and is said to bring the same quality …

Tags:3D| 3D Depth Cameras| audio| Head Tracker| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 15

DTI Shows Off NASA 3D

by Tom Allen

Dimension Technologies Inc. (DTI) has launched a patented glasses-free 3D technology at Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference, called ROC3D. It has been specifically designed for NASA, although also has uses in applications such as air …

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