Everdisplay flexible AMOLED panel

China’s First OLED Producer Could be Hitting a Wall

by Omid Rahmat

As the Chinese display industry looks to gain market share in the OLEd market, companies like EDO will face their own challenges dealing with the ambitions of their bigger compatriots.

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Samsung, BOE and LG Display Place on the Podium for AMOLED Market Share

by Shawnee Blackwood

In 2022, shipments of small-to-medium size (9.0-inch and smaller) AMOLED experienced a decrease of 6% due to reduced smartphone demand resulting from global inflation. Samsung continued to hold its position as the top manufacturer …

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EverDisplay Flex Displays at CES Asia

by Milos Pavlovic

EverDisplay Optronics (EDO) has shown new flexible AMOLEDs at the CES Asia show in China. The displays are 5.5″ in diagonal with FullHD resolution, and 3.2mm thick. As well as phone configurations, the company …

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EverDisplay Starts Building G6 Fab

by Bob Raikes

Everdisplay of China has started the process of building a G6 (1500 x 1850) fab that will be used to make small and medium-sized flexible OLEDs. Capacity is expected to be 30,000 substrates per …

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EverDisplay to set up 6G AMOLED Fab

by Bob Raikes

The Economic Daily News, a Chinese language newspaper, has reported that EverDisplay Optronics of Shanghai will invest CNY27.278 billion ($4 billion) to set up a G6 (1.5m x 1.8m) OLED factory with a monthly …

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Xiaomi Turns to China for OLED

by Tom Allen

Xiaomi’s latest flagship smartphone boasts an OLED screen – which may not have come from Samsung Display. According to Xiaomi, the suppliers for the Redmi Pro’s 5.5″ (1920 x 1080) screen are two Chinese …

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MDM Product Roundup – Vol 23 No 26

by Tom Allen

AMD has launched its RX 480 graphics card, designed to make VR more affordable (AMD Dramatically Lowers VR Cost). Prices start at $250. Everdisplay’s 1.4″ AMOLED display at CES Asia. Photo: Chris ChinnockThe small …

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Everdisplay Shows Transparent OLED

by Tom Allen

Everdisplay Optoelectronics showed off a 5.57″ transparent OLED display at an event in Beijing this month. According to OLED-Info, pixel density is 264 ppi (this would be equivalent to 1280 x 720 resolution – …

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EDO Claims Chinese First With Flexible AMOLED

by Tom Allen

Everdisplay Optronics (EDO) has shown a 5.6″ flexible AMOLED display, with 2560 x 1440 resolution (525 ppi), in China. The company says that it is ‘committed to leading-edge display technology’.

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EDO Turns on a 5.6″ WQHD Flexible AMOLED Panel

by Helen Vince

EDO turns on its 5.6″ WQHD flexible AMOLED panel this week. WQHD stands for a 2560×1440 resolution with 525 PPI. It leads AMOLED and flexible technologies in China. Flexible AMOLED display is becoming the …

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Everdisplay has 734 ppi AMOLED

by Tom Allen

China’s Everdisplay has developed a 6″ UltraHD AMOLED display, with 734 ppi. It is the first-such display to be demonstrated, according to OLED-Info, and is aimed at applications such as VR.

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Chinese Makers Look to OLEDs

by Tom Allen

Etmag claims that Chinese panel makers are increasingly investing in AMOLED and PMOLED technologies, to secure flexible display orders from China-based wearable vendors. Everdisplay, Tianma (G6), BOE (G5.5) and CSOT (G6) are all said …

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