EverDisplay Starts Building G6 Fab

EDO LogoEverdisplay of China has started the process of building a G6 (1500 x 1850) fab that will be used to make small and medium-sized flexible OLEDs. Capacity is expected to be 30,000 substrates per month and after construction, which will take until around two years in total, production is scheduled to start in January 2019. Equipment installation is due to start in August 2018 and total investment is forecast to reach $4 billion. The fab will have a total floor space of 460,000 m² (4.95 million square feet).

Everdisplay is currently producing displays from its 4.5G fab, which has a capacity of 20,000 substrates per month.

Analyst Comment

We reported in the summer that Xiaomi is buying OLEDs for its Redmi Pro 5.5″ phone from EDO (and BOE). (BR)