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TANSTAANDT: There Ain’t No Such Thing As A New Display Technology

by Ken Werner

It wasn’t so long ago that I would get several proposals a year from start-ups touting their new display technologies, all of which would be ready for market in 18 months. It was easy …

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OTFT: Driving LCD, OLED, MiniLED, MicroLED & NanoLED with Quantum Dot

by Sweta Dash

SmartKem and Nanosys announced on Feb 2nd their joint development agreement to work together on a new generation of low-cost solution printed MicroLED and quantum dot materials for advanced display. Both companies believe a …

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A New Method of Controlling Light Emission from QDs is Under Development

by Arthur Berman

A team of researchers led by Professor Kyoung-Duck Park of the Department of Physics within the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (Ulsan, Republic of Korea) is developing a novel means of controlling …

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NanoLED – Next Generation Display

by Sweta Dash

Display industry is continuing its journey in the path of innovation for next generation products. Quantum Dots have become a technology platform from LCDs to OLEDs and MicroLED displays to printable electroluminescent displays. NanoLED …

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Next Gen Display Technologies Showcased @DisplayWeek 2021

by Sweta Dash

An exuberant display industry showcased their next generation display technologies at Virtual DisplayWeek 2021 during May 17 to 21. The display industry is continuing along the path of innovations by bringing in new technologies, …

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Samsung Display Moves its Language in SID Keynote

by Bob Raikes

JS Choi, CEO of Samsung Display (SDC), gave the first keynote that I watched from the SID Display Week, although it wasn’t the first keynote published. Over the years, I have attended many keynotes …

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