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SPP LED Demand Rising, but Oversupply Affects Prices

by Tom Allen

Taiwan-based LED vendors expect demand for small pixel pitch LED displays to rise at a 110% CAGR between 2014 and 2015 – but for prices to fall 20% – 30% this year. A possible …

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TV Panels Remain Steady and Monitors Fall in January

by Vanessa Browning

TV panel prices have remained steady in early January, as global top tier brands are still showing strong demand, DisplaySearch data shows. Samsung and some leading Chinese vendors (with reasonable levels of demand in …

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Pivot Time

by Helen Vince

Display Technology – So many web-ventures find they need to change course after starting-up that pundits call this “the pivot”. Pivoting away from the initial business plan and taking investors down a different path has …

Tags:business| Display Supply & Demand| Vol 21 - Issue 50

Innolux Mobile Display Play

by Helen Vince

Business and Strategy – Innolux, Taiwan’s largest LCD fab, made headlines last week with the announcement of new fab investment in mobile displays as it looks to keep pace with LCD demand, particularly of LTPS LCD …

Tags:Display Supply & Demand| Foxconn (Honhai)| LTPS TFT| Market Shares - Panels| Mobile Display Monitor| Taiwan| Vol 21 - Issue 47

Large-Area Panels Rebound From First Fall

by Raverstead

TFT panel suppliers are forecast to ship 718 million large-area (9″+) panels this year – a 3% rise compared to 2013. NPD DisplaySearch says that panel price increases and an expanding average TV size …

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TV Demand Softens Taiwan Panel Decline

by Raverstead

Taiwan’s MIC says that the country’s large-area LCD panel shipments were up 0.7% QoQ in Q3. Rising LCD TV demand towards the end of the year was the main cause. Major growth drivers included …

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32″ – 42″ Panel Prices Will Rise in Q4

by Raverstead

Pricing for 32″, 40″ and 42″ TV panels will continue to rise in Q4’14, say Asian sources. The situation is not expected to soften until Q1’15, when demand seasonally falls. Panel makers have lowered …

Tags:Display Supply & Demand| Large Display Monitor| Pricing| UltraHD| Vol 21 - Issue 46

Taiwan large Panel October

Large Panel Shipments Fell 1% MoM

by Raverstead

A total 22.5 million large panels were shipped in October from Taiwan’s four major panel manufacturers. This was just under 1% lower than the previous month but represented a year on year improvement of …

Tags:Display Supply & Demand| Large Display Monitor| Large LCD Supply| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 21 - Issue 45

40″ and 50″ Panel Supply Tight Till 2015

by Raverstead

Asian sources expect the supply of 40″ and 50″ TV panels to be short until the end of the year. Suppliers expect to have orders tied up until January 2015. Innolux, for example, is …

Tags:Display Supply & Demand| Innolux| Large Display Monitor| UltraHD| Vol 21 - Issue 45

DisplaySearch: 4K/UHD Panels Help LCD Panel Market to Grow

by Raverstead

Display manufacturers have not had much reason to be happy over the last few years, with decreasing panel sales and lower prices, it has seemed hard to make any kind of profit. Lately the …

Tags:Display Supply & Demand| Large Display Monitor| Large LCD Supply| Market Shares - Panels| NPD DisplaySearch| Vol 21 - Issue 47

Printed Electronics 2014 View of OLED Display Market

by Raverstead

The 2014 Printed Electronics Conference (Santa Clara, CA, November 18-20) included a half day tutorial (masterclass) covering OLED, bi-stable and flexible displays, as well as OLED and LED lighting. One of the morning’s speakers, …

Tags:AMOLED| Display Supply & Demand| IdTechEx| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Printed Electronics Conference 2014 (Santa Clara)| Vol 21 - Issue 48

CPT Narrows Q3 Loss

by Raverstead

Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) reported a 13.7% increase in revenue in October from the previous month at NT$4.9 billion ($160.2 million), though this was 2.5% down on October 2013. The company’s cumulative sales from …

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