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Reprising Low-Contrast Text Web Pages

by Phillip Wright

A while back I wrote in Display Daily about an article by Katie Sherwin of the Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) titled Low-Contrast Text is Not the Answer. As I mentioned at the time, the …

Tags:display quality| Human Visual System (HVS)| Vol 22 - Issue 36

3M Finds 90% of Consumers Desire Better Visual Quality

by Tom Allen

A survey by 3M has found that 90% of Americans still expect ‘significant technology upgrades’ when purchasing new LCD electronic devices. Many consumers are looking for better visual quality. 62% of device owners said …

Tags:3M (MMM)| Colour Quality| display quality| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Quantum Dots| USA| Vol 22 - Issue 23

iPad Performance Should Challenge Monitor Makers

by Bob Raikes

I must say that I felt something of an anti-climax after the Apple announcement last week. After all the hype, there was a thought that there might be something really revolutionary but, in the …

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