Crystal cycle


TV Market Suffering from Excess Inventory

by Bob Raikes

What They Say The topic of inventory is one that DSCC has looked at a number of times this year. It has published a new blog post on the topic of TV inventories and …

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Panel Pricing, Crystal Cycles and Cuckoo Clocks

by Bob Raikes

Well, the idea (hope?), expressed at the the Display Week Business Conference last year, that we might finally be coming to the end of the topsy-turvy Crystal Cycle, did not come to pass. From …

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What Does 2022 Have in Store for the LCD Industry?

by Bob Raikes

As we’re at the start of a New Year and, whisper it quietly, if not at the end of the Covid pandemic, at least at the beginning of the end, I thought I would …

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Another of Those Damned Inflection Points….

by Bob Raikes

As regular and long term readers will know, I’m keen on trying to spot inflection points in the development of the industry – moments after which the industry will never be quite the same. …

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