Anti Glare


Broadband AR Film for Flexible Displays

by Norbert Hildebrand

An international collaboration between the University of Central Florida (CREOL), the National Taiwan University, and the National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan developed a flexible broadband AR film. The new AR film is based on …

Tags:Anti Glare| Mobile Display Monitor| Sunlight Readable Displays| Vol 24 - Issue 24

EV Group & NNFC Develop New A/R Coating

by Bob Raikes

EV Group (EVG) of St. Florian, Austria and a supplier of wafer bonding and lithography equipment, together with the Korea National NanoFab Center (President Jae Young Lee, NNFC), a nano-technology R&D infrastructure for academia, …

Tags:Anti Glare| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Production Equipment| Vol 23 - Issue 49

Regulator Criticises Ticketing Screens

by Tom Allen

UK rail regulator, Transport Focus, has highlighted ticket vending machines (TVMs) as a source of frustration for passengers, and an area that needs work. As well as various software issues – such as the …

Tags:Anti Glare| Large Display Monitor| Transport| UK (United Kingdom)| Vol 23 - Issue 23

Graphene Uses Moth Eye Concept

by Tom Allen

Research has been published showing how graphene can be used to create a material with the highest rate of light-absorption for its weight. Researchers from the UK’s University of Surrey believe that, among other …

Tags:Anti Glare| Graphene| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 09

Nagase and Inkron Announcing Cooperation on New Optical Materials

by Norbert Hildebrand

The Japan based Nagase is announcing a collaboration with Inkron, a Finnish high tech material company, for novel optical materials based on “Inkron’s Optical Coating (IOC) products of photo-patternable dielectric and light control materials. …

Tags:Anti Glare| Flexible Displays| Mobile Display Monitor| Optics| Vol 23 - Issue 05

3M Adds QDs to Monitors and Helps Auto Makers Use LCDs

by Bob Raikes

3M was at SID promoting its film products. We spoke to Arthur Lathrop who told us about developments in QD-based films. We also interviewed Bill Simser, Automotive Business Manager at 3M about the company’s …

Tags:3M (MMM)| Anti Glare| Automotive| Quantum Dots| SID Display Week 2015| Vol 22 - Issue 24