Regulator Criticises Ticketing Screens

UK rail regulator, Transport Focus, has highlighted ticket vending machines (TVMs) as a source of frustration for passengers, and an area that needs work. As well as various software issues – such as the use of unclear language and a limited range of fares – the body said that the displays on many outdoor machines were not fit for purpose. Glare from sunlight must be dealt with; some machines were said to be ‘practically unusable’ in the summer months. Some train companies are already fitting anti-glare screens or moving their TVMs inside.

Analyst Comment

I use a machine on a station when I go to Gatwick airport. At some times of the day, it is tricky to use, but I had more of a problem on my recent US trip when trying to use a display outdoors. I gave up as I simply couldn’t read it. Another bizarre design ‘feature’ of the ticket machines is that there is a small display with credit card instructions. I’m not particularly tall, but on many machines, I have to bend my knees to be able to read the display. (BR)