Foldables, 3D, AR: The Display Choice of the Future

by Omid Rahmat

There’s a strong case to be made for one of these display formats needing to break out and help define where the most eyeballs are going to end up. Sure, it could be a …

Tags:3D TV| Augmented Reality| ChatGPT| Foldable Devices| Smartphones

3D is Back on the Menu

by Bob Raikes

A couple of weeks ago, in an introduction to an article, I wrote perhaps it was time to get the menu item for 3D reinstated at the bottom of the front page on Display …

Tags:3D (Three Dimensions)| 3D TV| Augmented Reality| Autostereo 3D| MicroLED| Mixed Reality| Virtual Reality

Display Makers Kill 3D TV

by Tom Allen

Samsung has confirmed that it will not support 3D in any of its 2016 TVs. The company revealed the news to FlatpanelsHD at its European Forum in Monaco after rumours arose from Korea. Similarly, …

Tags:3D| 3D TV| Large Display Monitor| LG Electronics (LGE)| Philips| Samsung| Vol 23 - Issue 06

What’s Old is New Again at CES 2016

by Steve Sechrist

There was much (OK, perhaps too much) to see and do at this year’s Consumer Electronics event in Las Vegas. On the display side, 4K content and new delivery standards (i.e. Ultra HD Premium) …

Tags:3D software| 3D TV| Autostereo 3D| CES 2016| Short Throw| Vol 23 - Issue 01

Sky Insists 3D “Isn’t Dead”

by Tom Allen

In an interview with Trusted Reviews, Sky’s Kathryn Lacey said that the company has not abandoned 3D – despite closing its sole 3D channel in June. Lacey said that all of Sky’s 3D content …

Tags:3D| 3D TV| Large Display Monitor| Sky| Vol 22 - Issue 48

3D Display Introduces Novel User Experience in Various CE Sectors

by Helen Vince

The explosive growth of the consumer electronics sector all over the world has created a plethora of opportunities for three-dimensional (3D) displays. The technology has transformed user experience in the 3DTV segment, its most …

Tags:3D (Three Dimensions)| 3D TV| Consumer Electronics Industry

3D TV: Not All That New

by Tom Allen

The first 3D TV broadcast in the USA was aired 62 years ago, on 29th April, 1953, by ABC. The operator was granted permission by the FCC and undertook the work with its affiliate …

Tags:3D TV| Back Panel| Large Display Monitor| USA| Vol 22 - Issue 18


BYU Discusses Holographic Displays

by Matthew Brennesholtz

Three researchers at Brigham Young University (BYU) published an article on February 3rd in the on-line version of the Review of Scientific Instruments titled “Frequency division color characterization apparatus for anisotropic leaky mode light …

Tags:3D TV| Holographic Displays| Large Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 08

Recent Report Studies User Experience with Home Use of 3D TV

by Arthur Berman

Although stereoscopic 3D (S3D) television is now widely available in the home, little information has been published on some aspects of viewer use and experience. A recent article addresses this issue. The study was …

Tags:3D TV| Large Display Monitor| TV Set Market| Vol 22 - Issue 05

Sensio Announces 4K 3D TV Distribution Format

by Matthew Brennesholtz

On January 5th, Sensio  (Montreal, Québec, Canada) announced a new 3D format at CES 2015 for streaming 3D content to UHD televisions called the Sensio 3D/4K format. According to the company, this format is compatible with …

Tags:3D TV| HEVC (H.265)| LG Electronics (LGE)| UltraHD & 4K| Vol 22 - Issue 05


Aries Epica Launches Autostereoscopic Products

by Raverstead

3DTV – The Aries Epic Group (Dubai) is a consortium of independent firms with global headquarters in the Middle East and subsidiaries in India and Singapore. Under the Aries Epica brand name, the company …

Tags:3D TV| Large Display Monitor| Vol 21 - Issue 42| Volume 21