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Canon’s new dual-fisheye EOS R lens is for creating 3D VR content

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Canon has developed a ‘dual fisheye’ lens that can shoot stereo 3D 180° video when used with its EOS R5 camera. The lens can be used with a subscription-based software utility …

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Tool Shown to Automate 3D Sound Production

by Tom Allen

Click to enlargeFairlight, the University of Salford and DTS have worked together to develop a new approach to assist sound engineers with live sports productions. The SALSA (Spatial Automated Live Sports Audio) tool is …

Tags:3D| 3D Content| audio| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 15

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Dragon Quest: Educational 3D Content?

by Len Scrogan

The number one thing hardware and solutions companies ask me about is “Where can I find educational 3D content?” It’s also one of the expected questions educators ask me at my presentations. It’s my …

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3D in IZone at Display Week 2015

by Steve Sechrist

At Display Week 2015, in the prototype IZone booth, 3D display was alive and well. One such autostereoscopic (no glasses) technology came from a Shenzhen, China company, SuperD 3D technology, with its 3D mobile …

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