Washington DC Area Symposium Driving Advancement of 3D Visualization in US Government

As part of its work with the Air Force Research Laboratory, FoVI 3D is hosting a symposium on government streaming and content needs for Field of Light Displays (FoLDs). The objective of this symposium is to collectively understand the overall vision from the various US government agencies for the capture-to-display requirements of 3D data on FoLD systems.

Collection, storage, transmission, and viewing of 3D data captured by a variety of DoD sensor systems has increased dramatically over the past 15 years and even more rapid growth is anticipated. Advancements in visualization of this data has not, however, kept pace. To help close the gap between collection and the ability to exploit the data, the Air Force has identified a requirement for true 3D visualization systems to increase productivity of operators dealing with the 3D data deluge. The Air Force further requires the data be viewed without special eye wear on a new class of display, FoLD visualization systems.

As a developer of light-field display tables, FoVI 3D is keenly aware of the unique challenges in streaming 3D content for 360° viewing of a full parallax perspective correct image. With the belief that the future command centers will be a heterogeneous environment exploiting a variety of display types to provide the best visualization capability to accomplish the task at hand, FoVI 3D with support from Brigham Young University is strategically poised to lead this research to define a streaming 3D standard that is scene/data and display agnostic to create a common interface to all 3D displays.

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