Synaptics Touchscreen Solution Powers New Huawei Watch

Capacitive Touch Takes Off In Growing Wearables Market

Synaptics Inc., the leading developer of human interface solutions, today announced that Huawei has selected the Synaptics® ClearPad® touchscreen solution for its stylish smartwatch. Huawei chose the state-of-the-art ClearPad capacitive touch controller for its proven reliability, low power, and highly responsive human interface qualities such as use with a wet finger. Huawei designers also required a classic round watch face, and Synaptics is the only provider capable of a fully circular touchscreen interface.

Synaptics’ ClearPad capacitive touch sensing technology is the trusted solution in over a billion consumer devices. Industry analysts predict that smartwatches will account for more than 70 percent of total wearable device shipments by 2019. Synaptics is set to capitalize on this opportunity as ClearPad modules are today shipping in mass production in numerous smartwatch solutions, further demonstrating the company’s leadership in the wearables market.

All ClearPad products incorporate Synaptics’ extensive system engineering and human factors expertise, allowing device manufacturers the ability to deliver a consistent, high-quality user experience across a wide range of products, including smartwatches, smartphones and tablets.

The Huawei Watch was designed by traditional watch designers, combining timeless fashion, sapphire crystal elements, and cold-forged stainless steel with Synaptics’ cutting-edge touch technology. The level of integration flexibility from Synaptics’ advanced touchscreen solution, along with Android Wear, allows Huawei to provide an exceptional user experience in a very stylish form factor.

“As the adoption of wearable technology continues to grow, leaders like Huawei demand innovation, performance, low power, and faster time-to-market solutions,” said Srinivas Pattamatta, senior director, product marketing, Smart Display Division, Synaptics. “Through our ClearPad technology, we’re able to work with customers like Huawei to help them rapidly innovate in this space by offering an extraordinary user experience and the best real-world touch input performance in the industry.”

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