Sweden’s Mycronic Experienced a Bullish 2022 From OLED Manufacturers

The manufacturer of pattern generators got an end of the year record order intake, which increased 105% in the fourth quarter. The company received its first order for an FPS10 Evo in the fourth quarter. This is a new product in the FPS Evo series for writing photomasks to produce fine metal masks, which are used when manufacturing OLED displays. The order intake for the quarter was at record levels and included one Prexision 800 Evo, three Prexision 8 Evos, one Prexision 8 Entry Evo, two Prexision Lite 8 Evos, one FPS10 Evo, one Prexision MMS and six SLXs.

After covid restrictions in China were lifted at the end of the fourth quarter, the company noted a clear increase in project requests from existing customers in consumer electronics, a customer segment that otherwise showed weak demand throughout 2022. Fourth quarter order intakes amounted to about $242 million and the year-end order intakes for 2022 were around $649 million. The company expects a 15% increase in net sales in 2023.