China’s Ostin Enters North American Display Market

In a somewhat grandiose statement, Ostin Technology, a China-based manufacturer of display modules and polarizers, has started operations of its United States subsidiary, Pintura.Life, as part of its strategy to do business in the North American market. And it all began with the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that introduced Pintura products to the locals. The company calls the digital picture frame technology of Pintura an advanced digital canvas combining multiple screens with a cloud=based photo album.

Pintura 2K digital frame. (Source: Ostin Technology)

Everything about Ostin is confusing. Ostin is the English translation of the company’s Chinese name, but the website for the company is AustinElec dot com. Ostin is also listed on Nasdaq under the symbol of OST. It has posted revenues in the last three years that have gone from $140 million to $57 million per annum.

The Indiegogo campaign is still up for Pintura, having raised nearly $45,000. I have done my job, to report on display industry news.