SuperData Launches VR Data Network

Market data supplier, SuperData, said that it has a new partnership network supporting ‘the $5B virtual reality industry’. It exploits SuperData’s existing data relationships with game publishers and payment providers, and the company claims that the VR Data Network is the first cooperation to bring together the top VR developers and headset makers.

“There’s no doubt the virtual reality market will be an explosive new medium, hitting $30.5B in the next five years,” said SuperData’s head of VR/AR strategy, Stephanie Llamas. “Like the early days of digital games—which itself will be a $95B market next year—VR needs to begin the process of measurement and validation. That’s why we’ve launched the Data Network, helping headset makers and developers learn together and prove the case to the rest of the industry”.

The firm believes that there will be almost 18M VR users this year, and the holiday season pushing VR hardware sales to $2.2B,