Sunic Systems Secures Contract with Seeya for MicroLED Manufacturing Equipment

Sunic System has recently secured a contract worth $25.15 million from China’s Seeya Technology to supply MicroOLED evaporation equipment. Under the agreement, Sunic System will provide Seeya with crucial equipment for depositing high-resolution MicroOLEDs on 12-inch semiconductor silicon substrates.

Source: Seeya

Sunic System is collaborating with a global panel company to develop RGB MicroOLED deposition equipment for research and development purposes. RGB MicroOLEDs involve directly patterning red, green, and blue pixels without relying on color filters like the W-OLED method. Seeya is recognized for its development of white light OLED (W-OLED) microdisplays but has long been in development on RGB MicroLEDs.