Ströer Publishes Green Report for DOOH as Part of Annual Reporting

Ströer released its fourth Group Sustainability Report 2022, which coincides with its Annual Report for the first time. The report details Ströer’s sustainability strategy and covers four sub-areas: Environment, Employees, Business Partners & Society, and Governance. Prepared according to the Global Reporting Initiative’s internationally recognized standards, the report highlights the progress, developments, and focus of each area.

In reporting year 2022, Ströer further refined its climate strategy by establishing “Net-zero by 2050” as the overarching goal and formulating specific objectives for innovation, reduction, and compensation. The company is gradually digitalizing the media carriers in public spaces (DOOH) to improve the outdoor advertising portfolio’s environmental friendliness, with a focus on increasing efficiency and energy savings. Ströer’s digital communications infrastructure in Germany uses 100% certified green electricity, making it a critical building block for climate-neutral growth by 2030.

Compared to other media types, digital outdoor advertising emits the lowest CO₂, with only 5 to 6 grams of CO₂ emitted per 1,000 DOOH impressions. This makes OOH and DOOH attractive options for advertisers who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Ströer continuously develops its portfolio to meet the growing demand for sustainable solutions, and this development has led to significant improvements in sustainability ratings.

“We offer services for our customers and partners that make an additional ecological and social contribution. The growing demand for sustainable solutions is an incentive for us to continuously develop our portfolio,” says Henning Gieseke, CFO of Ströer. The company also made significant progress in the areas of social and governance, with the publication of the Ströer Social Charter and the principles of ethical advertising and journalistic principles being made binding.