Strategy Analytics Finds Awareness of 4K/UHD Increasing

According to the latest Consumer Metrix survey from Strategy Analytics the awareness of 4k/UHD technology among US consumers has risen significantly. The US-based market research firm interviewed 2001 US consumers via an online survey in November 2014, asking respondents about their recognition of several terms that are used to describe 4k/UHD TV.

The most recognized term is Ultra HD which increased from 39% recognition in January 2014 to 57% in November. This means that over half of the US population has heard of the term ‘Ultra HD’. Other terms such as ‘4k TV’ and ‘UHD’ also grew in recognition but did not score as high as the term ‘Ultra HD’.

The survey also found that 23% of respondents claimed that they had already seen UHD images either in a home or in another location. Of those, 53% rated it as extremely impressive and 40% as somewhat impressive.

Strategy Analytics regards these numbers as very high for a new technology.

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This is a an extremely positive consumer response. (NH)