Steljes Back at Avocor – Expands to the US

After the failure of his long term distribution business, Steljes, which both profited from and developed the strong market for Smart boards in the UK, but could not survive the breakdown in the relationship between the companies (Steljes Creditors Unlikely to Get Their Money), Nigel Steljes has been promoting the Vividtouch interactive displays that we reported on at Bett (VividTouch from Steljes Makes a Big Impact) as Avacor. The company launched in the UK in June and has now announced that it will sell its products in the US through Avacor Americas. The CEO and president of Avacor America is industry veteran, Scott Hix (InFocus, Planar, Chilin etc). The two have had a relationship for more than 25 years. The US company will be based in Wilsonville, Oregon.