SteamVR Working on Controllers

Valve said that it now has 300 licencees for its SteamVR laser-based tracking technology which is used to add room tracking to the HTC Vive. They are in industries ranging from “entertainment VR to automotive to televisions and toys.” There is no charge for licences, but licencees have to attend a training course.

Separately, Steam showed a prototype controller for the HTC Vive at a development conference that straps on to the hand, rather than being grasped. The company also said that new base stations will be available in 2017 that use infrared LEDs. There are now 600 VR titles on the service and it also said that around 1,000 users are joining per day. The apps on the platform support the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

steamvrproto2SteamVR Prototype. Image:Arstechnica