Spain’s Pay TV Subscriptions Grew Over 10% Year-on-Year in 2018 Q1

Pay TV is significantly growing in Spain, with over 6.7 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2018, up from 6.09 million last year, representing growth of 10.4% year-on-year, according to CNMC, as reported by Advanced Television.

In the first quarter, pay TV grew by 6.1%, adding 137,000 subscriptions and totalling €556.6 million ($634.4 million) in revenue. Conversely, free-to-air services saw revenue of €427.5 million ($487.3 million), a fall of 4.8%.

IPTV leads the pay TV market with 4.2 million subscribers, 62% of the market. IPTV gained 670,000 subscribers year-on-year versus drops of 95,000 and 90,000 for satellite and cable respectively. Convergent packages set new records with almost 6 million customers, out of which 5.6 million enjoy a quintuple package, CNMC added.