South Korean Government May Block LGD’s New China Plant

LG Display’s recently-announced plans to build a $2.3 billion 8.5-Gen OLED fabrication in Guangzhou, China, may be in jeopardy, as the South Korean government is reported to be unhappy with the plans.

According to Business Korea, a special committee has been formed to review plans for the new facility.

It’s the first time a Korean company has made plans to produce OLEDs outside of its home country andOLED technology is one of Korea’s biggest money-makers.

Political tensions between Korea and China have also been attributed to the potential roadblock.

These kinds of evaluations are generally concluded inside 45 days, but the decision-making process is moving at a much slower pace than usual. LG Display made their initial government application two months ago, but the committee, made up of 14 expert officials, only had their first meeting to discuss the issue earlier this month.