Sony Unveils Major Upgrade to Its State-of-the-Art Workplace Management Solution TEOS Manage

Sony Professional Solutions Europe announces TEOS Manage 2.0, a major update to its complete workspace management solution. From meeting rooms to reception areas, the flagship solution offers a simple, scalable and cost-effective way to manage facilities in corporate and education environments.

This gives organisations the power to streamline their workplace so that device management and use of space is optimised, energy costs are reduced, and employee productivity is amplified.

TEOS Manage 2.0 comes with over 65 new features and functionalities, including a new mobile room-booking app for employees, advanced analytics, remote firmware updates, a newly-designed universal remote control, and a more secure visitor check-in process. These new features are particularly timely as research* undertaken by DEGW has shown that employees waste 27 minutes each day arranging meetings, which equates to more than 117 hours or 15.5 working days of lost productivity per employee each year. The family of TEOS solutions – including the new employee-focused mobile room-booking app TEOS Mobile – directly addresses these and other challenges organisations are facing.

“The key to optimising workplace productivity is ensuring employees get the most out of the spaces around them and the devices at their disposal. At the same time, organisations need solutions that collect and present data in a clear way, and that allow them to make smart decisions to meet their strategic real estate goals,” explained Thomas Issa, Corporate and Education Solutions Manager, Sony Professional Solutions Europe. “At Sony, we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to develop efficient and effective solutions tailored to help them address the real-life challenges of managing vast workspaces. The latest iteration of TEOS Manage is no exception to this rule. With extensive new features and improvements, TEOS Manage 2.0 helps organisations unlock the true potential of both the workforce and the workplace.”

New features of TEOS Manage 2.0 include:

  • TEOS Mobile – An intuitive new app lets employees take meeting room management into their own hands, at any moment, and with no need to be on the company network. This includes room booking processes, device control and mirroring – including a call for help function in case users need assistance.
  • TEOS Survey – Users can easily connect with and receive feedback from staff and visitors with a new survey solution for tablets. This will allow them to ask questions such as ‘How was your experience today?’ and receive real-time response data.
  • TEOS Room Control – A new in-room tablet control solution gives employees the power to control meeting room devices. The customisable interface is easy to use and requires no programming.
  • Universal 2.0 remote control – A newly-designed universal digital remote control that shows live device status alongside updates to provide greater compatibility with third-party AV products; reducing time spent troubleshooting connectivity issues.
  • Complete design and interface update – Including a new search bar and subsections, which make the user experience and navigation more seamless, sleek and enjoyable for users.
  • Remote installation, configuration and maintenance – Eliminating time-consuming manual updates for the IT or AV team through the ability to configure products, and update Android apps and firmware, remotely.
  • New digital signage options – Rich, engaging content can be easily customised for digital signage and a new live viewer allows businesses to oversee the content being played. Meanwhile, a content cache system prevents network overload.
  • Virtual reception and classroom check-in – Automated distribution of security codes to avoid sharing personal details, and easily customisable visitor badges streamline busy reception areas and reduce the need for IT support on day-to-day activity, while a sleek classroom check-in feature on tablets allows lecturers to easily gauge attendance.
  • Advanced analytics – An advanced analytics dashboard available across a number of solutions that can be filtered by timeframe, room, and site, to optimise space usage, signage and reception activity, amongst others.
  • Third-party compatibility – Compatibility with many other solutions, such as Vision Exchange, as well as third-party devices, including Barco Clickshare, NEC and C-Touch displays, Windows computers and many others.

The extended family of TEOS solutions includes TEOS Connect (wireless content sharing), TEOS Book (room booking solution), TEOS Reception (visitor sign-in solution) and Tablets for TEOS (professional corporate tablets) who, in conjunction with TEOS Manage help drive efficiencies and increase productivity across workplaces. Together, the suite of TEOS workplace management solutions helps create a workplace where employees can work smarter and more efficiently.

TEOS has played a fundamental role in digital transformations for more than 150 companies in Europe to date, from Siemens to Capgemini and Suzuki. Alongside high-end business projectors and BRAVIA Professional Displays, TEOS Manage 2.0 offers the most comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions for the corporate and education markets.

*DEGW Survey of 44,301 participants