Sony Gets DCI approval for Crystal LED

Sony’s Crystal LED technology has been approved by DCI for use in commercial cinemas in a version that is 5.1m wide and 2.7m high. A test report showing the parts used in the system is available here. The display module was Sony’s ZRD-2 (78 of them). Peak brightness of the modules is 1,000 cd/m², but that would be with a high colour temperature. At the cinema colour, the brightness would be lower.

Analyst Comment

By our calculations, that would be a 13 x 6 array (which would measure 5.24m x 2.72m according to the Sony module specification). As the total resolution of the modules would be 4160 x 2160, so we assume that there are black bars each side of the image, which would be 1:1 on the DCI standard of 4096 x 2160.

We reckon that the Crystal LED is just too expensive for commercial cinemas, but the DCI approval does mean that content can be played. Chris reported from Cinemacon that Sony was planning to put in a display in a new Sony Entertainment Center in the LA area and also to install one at Sony Pictures. (BR)