Soluble OLEDs Closing on Evaporation Efficiency

Merck has revealed the development results of its red and green solution-processed phosphorescent OLED materials. Results were compared to evaporation material performance from Universal Display Corp. (UDC). Merck shared the results at the OLED World Summit this month, and used data from UDC’s website.

Merck’s red material had an efficiency of 19.1 candelas per Amp (cd/A); a lifetime of 5,900 hours; and CIE of (0.66, 0.34). These results were approximately 66% of UDC’s efficiency (29 cd/A) and 26% of lifetime (23,000 hours).

Green material efficiency was 76.4 cd/A and lifetime was 5,200 hours; CIE was (0.32, 0.63). These were around 89% of UDC’s efficiency (85 cd/A) and 29% of lifetime (18,000 hours). CIE was similar, at (0.31, 0.63).

Phosphorescent blue materials are still under development, and are not yet ready for mass production.

Analyst Comment

In the end, the lifetime can often be less and yet the material can still be industrialised. I’m fond of quoting that the design life of a car is only around 5,000 hours. Solution processing could give really good cost advantages if quality and lifetime can be brought to acceptable levels. (BR)