Solotech and Papercast Collaborate on Provision of North American Public Transportation with E-Paper Display Solutions

Solotech, an audiovisual and entertainment technology systems integrator (SI), has announced a partnership with Papercast, a provider of solar and battery-powered e-paper passenger information display technology. The partnership aims to provide sustainable solutions to the North American public transportation industry. Solotech will serve as an official reseller of Papercast’s solutions.

Source: Papercast

Papercast offers a range of battery and solar-powered e-paper bus stop displays that are highly energy-efficient and easy to install. Their displays feature maximum outdoor readability, low energy consumption, and advanced functionality through a cloud-based CMS (content management system) These solutions are deployed in over 45 countries globally and are suitable for locations without readily available mains power.

Key benefits of Papercast’s e-paper solutions include sustainable delivery of live information, even in direct sunlight, with significantly lower energy consumption compared to other display technologies. The displays are ruggedized, offering strong environmental protection and impact resistance. They are also ADA compliant, ensuring accessibility and safety for individuals with mobility, hearing, or visual impairment. The E Ink e-paper screen technology used in Papercast’s displays is certified as Dark Sky Friendly, minimizing light pollution.

Solotech, with over 45 years of experience in technology solutions, will apply its expertise to install Papercast’s intelligent transportation systems in airports, bus, metro, train, and light rail stations, as well as parking facilities and other locations.

The collaboration between Papercast and Solotech aims to improve public transport through sustainable technologies and deliver advanced passenger information display solutions to the North American market.