Sofia Digital Makes Reference Streaming App for HbbTV

The HbbTV Association has chosen Sofia Digital to implement a reference application and provide sample content for online streaming of DRM protected video to HbbTV enabled televisions and set-top boxes. Sofia Digital is a developer of digital television services and a global supplier of HbbTV and smart TV applications, DVB head-end systems and testing services.

The reference application will be freely distributed to any party interested in testing the technology. Project deliverables also include documentation covering the creation of valid MPEG-DASH files from users own video content. Furthermore, the reference application shall will be implemented in a way, which makes the code easily reusable for anybody to implement their own DASH video streaming application.

The reference application and sample content is targeted to be tested and comply with as wide a range of devices as possible with multiple DRM systems including Microsoft PlayReady and Marlin and potentially others (e.g. Nagra PRM). Sofia Digital will test the reference application and content on their extensive zoo of receivers covering HbbTV versions 1.5 and 2.0.1, dating back to 2013. HTML5 browsers with W3C MSE and EME will also be supported. The reference application is to be ready for distribution towards the end of the year.