SmartViser EU Energy Efficiency Project Announcement

SmartViser, a leader in mobile test automation, has announced its involvement in the European Commission initiative part of the Circular Economy Action Plan 2020. SmartViser has started collaborating with the EU commission since July 2021 to provide a solution and a testing methodology for the Energy labelling requirements for smartphones and tablets.

The Circular Electronics Initiative, regulatory measures for electronics and ICT including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops under the Ecodesign Directive so that devices are designed for energy efficiency and durability, reparability, upgradability, maintenance, reuse, and recycling.

Within this framework, two Commission initiatives are currently assessing the feasibility of Ecodesign/Energy Labelling requirements for smartphones and tablets. The two initiatives on the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling of mobile phones and tablets would consist in secondary legislation respectively implementing the Ecodesign Directive 2009/125 and supplementing the Energy Labelling Regulation 2017/1369.

SmartViser a technology company headquartered in Rennes France has developed the test automation solution viSer which is used by several manufacturers, operators and media for their device and network testing. SmartViser, by providing mobile test automation solutions is helping to shape the Smartphone industries to benefit from impactful test automation that can provide repeatable and trustable results.

The chosen testing methodology will be based on the Day of Use Simulation which will run automatically in a loop several usages (activities) the same way as an end user will do. Testing could be fully automated using viSer test automation conducted in a controlled test environment using a network simulator to ensure repeatability and reliability. Ventilation and temperature conditions will also be specified.

The viSer EEI application would then perform the testing as per defined methodology and at the end of the testing would provide an Energy Efficiency Index measurement.

Beta testing is already underway by several smartphone manufacturers and further updates will be provided in the coming months.

Gilles Ricordel, CEO of SmartViser comments:

We are very proud that we have been selected by the EU commission to help them shape the testing methodology for Energy Efficiency Index for Tablets and smartphones. This is in line with our mission to highlight the smartphone battery energy efficiency topic and work with manufacturers and key stakeholders across the world to improve battery performance for smartphones and tablets.

Xavier Frere, CTO of SmartViser highlights:

SmartViser’s unique Test Automation technology will continue to be evolved to support a variety of new use cases from Audio MOS to 5G and we are very pleased to be involved in the EEI index project as Battery is one of our core expertise, competencies, and capabilities. Thanks to the unique technology the powerful engine viSer can test devices the same way an end user will use them while at the same time collecting several valuable KPIs.

About this initiative

EU energy labels provide a clear and simple indication of the energy efficiency of products at the point of purchase. This makes it easier for consumers to save money on their household energy bills while reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the EU.

This initiative complements the parallel implementing Regulation on ecodesign. It aims to introduce when relevant, labelling requirements that support ecodesign by giving consumers better information regarding product sustainability.

  • Feedback period 23 December 2020 – 27 January 2021 (midnight Brussels time)
  • Public Consultation period 31 May 2021 – 23 August 2021 (midnight Brussels time)
  • Draft Act Feedback coming soon
  • Commission Adoption Planned for First Quarter 2023

About SmartViser

SmartViser with long telecoms expertise and customer-centric innovation has developed the standalone test automation suite viSer that allows OEMs, ODMs, Mobile Operators, MVNOs, Regulators and any company offering Telecom Services to test, benchmark, monitor, troubleshoot or measure QoS/QoE on devices, connectivity, and mobile network technology.

SmartViser launched its first ViserMark Label to measure battery life performance translating mAh into straightforward battery life scores. Thus, allowing smartphone manufacturers to improve their battery life performance offering superior quality of experience for their end users. Headquartered in Rennes France and with an international presence, we are fully committed to supporting our customers and are proud to collaborate with key players in the industry. Our mission is to provide cutting edge innovation to help our customers succeed in today’s fast-evolving technologies and environments.