Smartphone-Powered AR Headset “Ghost” Launched on Indiegogo

Ghost is a new AR headset powered by smartphones. The device features a slot at the top for compatible handsets, with a visor below that the wearer looks through to see the real world with AR images overlaid on the top, as opposed to looking at the world through the smartphone screen.

Ghost is compatible with ARCore/ARKit-compatible iOS and Android devices but the team behind it has also developed a proprietary operating system for the device, called Ghost OS. The platform already features several apps, one of which allows the user to view windows from a Mac OS computer as virtual overlays, plus a theatre app for watching video content in AR.

The device also features a button on the side for interacting with applications, a 70° field of view and six-degrees-of-freedom tracking. Ghost is currently trying to raise $80,000 on Indiegogo, with early adopters picking up the headset at the lower price of $79. At the time of writing, the campaign has raised $2,481, 3% of its goal, with a month left to go.