SMART Unveils New Value Line of Flat Panel Interactive Displays for Education

SMART Technologies Inc., a leading provider of education and collaboration solutions, announces a new value line of interactive flat panels (IFPs) designed specifically for the education market. There are two new models in the SMART Board® 4000 series – the 4065 and 4055 interactive flat panels – joining the existing SMART Board E70. Additionally, SMART is expanding its award-winning 6000 series with the new 6055 model joining the existing 6065.

 Increasingly, educators are looking for the next generation in large format touch technology to help foster the most natural learning experience. They also want choice in terms of pricing, features and size, which SMART delivers. All SMART IFPs offer a premier experience in classroom displays. Available at a number of price points and sizes, they represent a comprehensive range of touch-enabled, 4K Ultra HD and HD LED displays to accommodate any collaborative learning space.

Additionally, all SMART IFP models feature premium, accurate multi-touch capabilities and SMART ink – a smooth, natural ink experience when writing with a pen or a finger. The potent combination of SMART’s specifically designed education hardware with the included SMART Notebook® collaborative learning software and the optional SMART amp software delivers the world’s best education solutions naturally – enabling improved student collaboration, engagement and participation resulting in accelerated learning.

SMART Board 4000 Series

The SMART Board 4000 series interactive flat panels for education now includes the existing SMART Board E70 (70″ diagonal), the new SMART Board 4065 (65″ diagonal) and the new SMART Board 4055 (55″ diagonal). All three models feature:

  • An HD LED image with no shadows or glare.
  • Silktouch – offering a virtually frictionless glass surface for an accurate multi-touch experience that supports gestures, and multiple simultaneous users.
  • Price points that make SMART IFPs more affordable than ever

SMART Board 6000 Series

In addition to the two new models in the 4000 series, SMART is adding to its 6000 series of IFPs. The award-winning 6000 series now includes the new SMART Board 6055 (55″ diagonal) and the existing SMART 6065 (65″ diagonal). Both models feature:

  • A bright, crisp, clear 4K Ultra HD image with no shadows or glare.
  • Silktouch – SMART’s patented DViT (Digital Vision technology) and a virtually frictionless glass surface combine to produce an accurate, multi-touch experience that supports gestures and multiple simultaneous users.
  • Object awareness – the automatic ability to detect if you are using a finger, pen, fist or eraser, providing a more intuitive user experience.
  • Pen iQ – the ability for two students to use different colored pens to write in the color of their choice, independently and simultaneously, in any lesson activity, free from interruption from their partner, opening up new opportunities for students to collaborate.

Both the 6000 series and 4000 series feature durable, commercial-grade panels rated for 50,000* hours of use. This longevity combined with no requirement for projector maintenance and replacement of projector bulbs means that, over time SMART interactive flat panels have an estimated lower total cost of ownership compared with traditional projector solutions.

Donya Kemp, the Director of Project-based Learning at the Charles R. Drew Charter School in Atlanta, Georgia has been using SMART interactive flat panels since September 2014. “The idea of having a 50,000 hour lifespan – that’s a game-changer for us because we can use our funds in a much more efficient way without having to replace technology every two years. It also helps with Professional Development. When we invest the time in this technology we know it’s going to be there for the long haul for the benefit of our teachers and students.”

“Our customers tell us they love SMART’s interactive flat panels because they facilitate natural and intuitive learning, without the burnt-out projector bulbs, glare and other challenges that occasionally disrupt this experience,” says Greg Estell, President, Education, SMART Technologies. “With our new value line 4000 series and the expansion of our 6000 series, we are able to offer IFPs with a broad choice of pricing and feature options that support collaborative learning today.”

Price and Availability

The SMART Board 6065 and the SMART Board E70 are available now, each at a suggested education price of $4,499 in the United States and £2,815 in the UK.

The SMART Board 6055 will be available at the end of January 2015 with a suggested education price of $3,499 in the United States and £2,059 in the UK.

The SMART Board 4065 will be available at the end of January 2015 with a suggested education price of $3,499 in the United States and £2,059 in the UK.

The SMART Board 4055 will be available at the end of March 2015 with a suggested education price of $2,499 in the United States and £1,469 in the UK.

Prices outside the United States and the United Kingdom will vary. Please contact your SMART authorized dealer for more information.