Sling TV Adds AMC Network, is Open for Business

We have reported before on Sling TV as the OTT offering from Dish Network. This new service is now open for business in the USA. The IP-based video delivery system promises many channels for its $20 monthly fee and it also offers additional packages including news and sports, each for an additional $5 per month.

The company also announced the addition of AMC Networks to its channel line up. So far in this year (ending on February 1, 2015) AMC ranked only as number 20 in the USA based on total viewers, as reported by Medialife Magazine. Nevertheless, this addition is a significant step forward for Sling TV.

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While the average viewer age for most top networks in the USA is rising faster than the passing of time, AMC has managed to lower its viewer age. This has been driven by the hit series Breaking Bad and Walking Dead, which has a significant following among the younger adult viewers. One could say that AMC has the best connection to the younger adults, the group with the highest rate of cord cutting in the US. – Norbert Hildebrand