Sky Deutschland launches new OTT platform

Sky Deutschland has replaced its Sky Online service with a new OTT video service that is available without a long term contract on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in Germany and Austria. It will be known as Sky Ticket. A range of devices are supported including iPad, iPhone, some Android smartphones and tablets, Windows 10 Mobile, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One, smart TV sets from Samsung and LG, Apple TV, Chromecast and the Roku Sky TV Box as well as via browsers. Critically, Bundesliga matches will be available along with other Sky Sports channels and there are also Cinema and Entertainment options at prices from €9.99 to €29.99 per month, with initial discounts.

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Analyst Comment

The big question is whether offiering sports without a contract will stop subscribers signing up for a bigger contract. I suspect that Sky see this as a way of tempting users in. Like a drug dealer, they could offer this for a year or two, then withdraw it (as there are no long term contracts) and that might tempt those that lose it to sign up for full contracts. (BR)