Signotec Uses Tablet for Signatures on Complex Documents

At the forthcoming CeBIT show, Signotec will show a specialist 10.1″ tablet that is designed for reading documents and capturing signatures. The product uses a 10.1″ 1280 x 800 resolution TN LCD colour display at 140 cd/m² with a battery-free pen that supports 4096 pressure levels. The display is fitted with a hardened (8H) glass surface and the pen samples at 500Hz. There is internal memory for 32 images for static content and the device can show PDF documents, so it is said to be ideal for organisations such as banks, insurance companies and government agencies that need to present complex documents before capturing signatures.

An optional feature is an ethernet port although the standard connection is via USB. The system runs Windows in various versions.

The company claims that its technology for encrypting biometric signatures makes its system more secure. The device is certified for protection to IP52