Sigmaintell Expects Small Penetration for OLED in Automotive

Sigmaintell of China predicted that AMOLED will win just 1.5% of the automotive display market on a volume basis by 2020. The company highlighted the challenges for OLEDs in meeting the high temperature and humidity conditions that are a requirement to be qualified for automotive applications.

Analyst Comment

This is not really a surprise but given that there is around a three year lag from design win to production in the automotive sector, this suggests that the firm has already heard from companies that have won business in the market. The high contrast and flexibility of OLED are very attractive, but its hard to sell to the industry which wants excellent products but at the same time is fiercely cost-driven.

The data is on a volume basis, but we would expect the OLEDs to be at the high end of the price, specification and features range, so would expect the value penetration to be higher.(BR)

Sigmaintell confirmed to us that this forecast is made on a volume basis.