SID/DSCC Business Conference Keynotes to Reveal Future of the Display Industry

The 2022 SID/DSCC Business Conference at DisplayWeek, sponsored by Applied Materials, Corning, GE and Amorphyx, will feature industry executives uniquely qualified to discuss the future of the $165B display industry.

The keynotes include:

  • Max McDaniel, VP and CMO, Applied Materials, Inc.
  • Dr. Michael Hack, VP of Business Development, Universal Display
  • Ross Young, Co-Founder and CEO, DSCC

According to DSCC CEO Ross Young, “As Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for the display business at Applied Materials, the #1 display equipment supplier, Max is uniquely positioned to discuss the future of display manufacturing. Applied has gained market share in display equipment for five consecutive years and is working closely with all panel suppliers to address future display demand.” Max has been at Applied Materials since 2003 and previously spent over 12 years at Watkins Johnson, a semiconductor and display equipment supplier where he worked in R&D, engineering and marketing roles.

At this year’s conference, Max will discuss the technology battles in the display industry, including OLED, advanced LCD and MicroLED, and describe the manufacturing innovations that will help determine the winners.

Also keynoting is Dr. Michael Hack who is responsible for developing and commercializing advanced high efficiency next generation OLED products and also serves as VP of Business Development for UDC and UDC Ventures. Prior to joining UDC in 1999, he was at dpiX, a Xerox Company, where he was responsible for manufacturing flat panel displays and digital medical imaging products based on amorphous silicon TFT technology. Dr. Hack was elected a Fellow of SID in 2007. Dr. Hack will address UDC’s advancements in phosphorescent blue OLED emitter and emissive layer technology and its recently announced roadmap for commercially acceptable performance and lifetime levels and what this means for the outlook for OLEDs and for competing technologies.

According to DSCC CEO Ross Young, “A high efficiency blue OLED emitter has been the holy grail for the display industry for some time. UDC’s recent declaration of near-term phosphorescent OLED commercialization with shipments of commercial products expected in 2024 will have a significant impact on OLED adoption across most applications while also raising the bar for other display technologies. Along with the expected adoption of tandem OLED structures, OLED efficiency and performance are expected to drastically improve over the next few years. We look forward to hearing Mike’s viewpoint on this topic.

Dr. Mike Hack’s keynote talk will outline how they are ensuring that their phosphorescent OLED technology roadmap meets the ever more demanding performance requirements of future products in the growing OLED market. In particular, he will discuss their developments which will enable the introduction of their all-phosphorescent RGB stack into the commercial market in 2024 and how it is likely to impact the display market. For Mike’s complete abstract, please visit:

Ross Young is the CEO and co-founder of DSCC and previously was the founder and former CEO of DisplaySearch which he sold to The NPD Group. He has also worked in and consulted at companies throughout the display supply chain including brands, panel makers, equipment suppliers and materials suppliers. At this year’s event, Ross will discuss the latest outlook for the display supply chain. He will also reveal the latest outlook for display prices, display revenues, capex, display technology, margins, market adoption/penetration by display technology, investment opportunities and much more. In particular, he will discuss how penetration by display technology is likely to evolve over the next five years as performance and costs for each major display technology change and which display technologies are likely to gain or lose share in each major application.

Display Week will take place from May 9th to May 13th and will be on-site at the San Jose Convention Center. The SID/DSCC Business Conference will kick-off Display Week with both on-site and virtual attendance options. There are attendance options for both on-site and virtual attendees. The event will include a day’s worth of content live, streamed and recorded on May 9th as well as a second day’s worth of virtual talks available on demand after the event. To register, visit

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