Shoei Chemicals Acquires Nanosys QD IP, Brand, R&D, and Sales and Marketing Assets

Shoei Chemical has announced the asset purchase Nanosys. As of today, the quantum dot division of Nanosys, including its research and development teams, sales and marketing departments, and the state-of-the-art laboratories located in Silicon Valley, California, is now integrated into Shoei Chemical’s business. Since the start of 2023, Shoei has been manufacturing 100% of Nanosys’ quantum dot materials as a result of an earlier manufacturing partnership between the two companies.

This acquisition positions Shoei Chemical to play a major role in the expanding world of advanced materials, with quantum dots – integral to next-gen display technologies like MiniLEDs, QD-OLEDs, and electroluminescent NanoLEDs – as their prime focus. The deal combines Nanosys’ IP and development in quantum dot technology with Shoei Chemical’s expansive manufacturing capabilities.

Shoei Chemical’s President, Mr. Shuichiro Asada, remarked on the acquisition, “Nanosys has consistently been a trailblazer in quantum dot technology. Welcoming them into our fold is a landmark event for Shoei, cementing our resolve to spur growth and offer unparalleled value to our clientele. The combined strength of both entities promises unprecedented innovations in the quantum dot materials market.”

Shoei Chemical will maintain the Nanosys brand identity, now enriched by Shoei Chemical’s broader capabilities and resources. The past four years have seen both companies collaborating closely, which promises a seamless transition and integration process.