Sharp To Show New 70″ Video Wall Display

Sharp is expected to show a new 70″ video wall display at ISE next month and will be displayed in a 4 x 1 array, aimed at luxury retailers. The model number will be PN V701-A and brightness is 700 cd/m² and with FullHD resolution. The firm will also have a new 80″ Big Pad that uses optical bonding to improve contrast and offer more precise touch response. Sharp will also show new Mini-OPS modules.

In total, the company will have six new product ranges which it attributes to the benefits of the acquisition by Foxconn, last year.

Analyst Comment

Sharp’s G10 should have a cost advantage at 70″, compared to other panel makers. However, the calculations of where the ‘sweet spot’ of cost is for video walls. Larger displays will be harder to handle and there may be fewer suitable mounts as most of the volume in the market is at 55″. The comment that the display at ISE is for ‘luxury retailers’ suggests that pricing will not really hit the levels needed for widespread adoption. So far, only Sharp seems to be supporting the Mini-OPS module format, although we are still early in terms of the adoption of a new standard. We were surprised that mini-OPS is not thinner than OPS. (BR)