Sharp and E Ink Collaborate to Launch Eco-Friendly, Low-Power ePoster Digital Display for the Carbon-Neutral Era

Sharp and E Ink have collaborated to create a 42-inch monochrome “ePoster” digital paper display, which will be launched in the Japanese market in early April 2023. This innovative digital poster offers a 0 W power consumption while displaying an image, using only external light to provide optimal visibility even in brightly lit environments. The ePoster is thin and lightweight, making it a suitable option for locations where it has been challenging to install digital signage. Both companies aim to popularize digital posters to contribute to the carbon-neutral era.

E Ink has researched the environmental impact of ePaper displays and found significant CO2 savings compared to traditional paper. Over the past seven years, the use of 600 million electronic shelf labels (ESLs) of around three inches in size has reduced CO2 emissions by 32,000 times compared to single-use paper price tags.

Sharp and E Ink plan to strengthen their collaboration, working towards advancements like larger or color displays, and expanding their efforts worldwide to develop a market for ePaper posters as a new tool for information dissemination in the carbon-neutral era.