Sephora Ups the “Wow Factor” with Virtual Make-up App

Cosmetics firm Sephora has introduced innovative new technology to allow its customers to try before they buy.

Using an updated version of Sephora Virtual Artist, an iPad-based augmented reality app, visitor’s to the company’s stores can take a selfie, before customising it with the store’s range of products to see how they will look in different colours before they make their final purchase.

Sephora’s Virtual Artist app being used via a web browser.

The new technology is only available in a handful of Sephora stores at this time, but a less advanced version of the app is available for mobile devices for home use, as well as a web-based version, that allows users to customise images of real models with a variety of products to see how different colours and shades work together.

Sephora is also encouraging its customer base to join the MySephora digital community, where the firm can track and analyse data to monitor purchases, customer satisfaction and consumer trends.

The BBC put a video online.