Selevision Unveils New Codec

Selevision, a leading Saudi multi-platform entertainment company serving the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), today announced the launch of its game-changing new codec, aptly named ‘Nukodec’.

Designed to replace the H.264 and H.265/HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) codecs currently in use by the industry, the new technology will be made available to industry players across the globe, allowing them to migrate into an advanced HEVC algorithm engineered by Selevision.

“As a technology and content provider, we are constantly innovating behind the scenes to develop products and services that improve access to content. Our Nukodec algorithm enables access to Full HD quality content at a lower bandwidth, which is particularly significant for those living in areas, often remote, where telecommunications services are limited. The benefits of switching to our new code include faster content delivery, cost savings and increasing storage capacity, making the switch a no-brainer,” commented Dr. Raed Khusheim, CEO of Selevision.

He went on to add, “With access to a Full HD channel at only 1 mbps, a saving of over 80% bandwidth is now possible. Even 4K content can now be broadcast using only 4 mbps with Nukodec. We hope to see players across the industry adopt the technology quickly, to the benefit of their business and end-users.”

The Nukodec is available to Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) operators who can now easily increase their number of Full HD channels to accommodate an additional eight to ten. Telco and Online operators can benefit from great savings on both storage and streaming costs and increasing their customer base, allowing users using a 2 mbps bandwidth to stream Full HD content seamlessly. Nukodec is playable on any HEVC compatible player.

The announcement was made at the TV Connect industry awards hosted in London, UK, where Selevision was shortlisted in the ‘Best Multiscreen TV Service’ category.