Selectronic Boosts Brightness and adds Cloud to ESLs

By Bob Raikes

Selectronic of the UK has agreed to combine its shelf edge labels with the cloud-based platform from SignStix.

“We’ve been able to adapt the SignStix player software to enable up to 7 individual shelf-edge screens to act as one canvas. Using the existing, award-winning Creator and Director tools from SignStix, any retailer can quickly develop really engaging shelf edge promotions without the need to produce video or manage complex software”, said Nick Fearnley, SignStix CEO.

selectronic SEL 1552A0

The SEL-1552A0 10.4″ displays from Selectronic have a 264mm width by 25.4mm height and with 1024 x 100 resolution. Brightness of the latest version is 690 cd/m².