SeeFront Sees Success with Eye-Track 3D Display

SeeFront is a German company we have tracked for a number of years. The company develops eye-tracked autostereoscopic 3D displays for commercial applications.

GTECH Sphinx 3DAt SID 2015, we had a chance to catch up again and found out that it is doing quite well with a sales volume “in the 4 digits.” That’s impressive.

Perhaps its biggest seller is a slot machine that is manufactured by GTech (it recently purchased IGT, a major player in this market). After years of trials and pilots, it seems the eye-track solution has found a solid and profitable niche.

The GTech machine is shown in the photo. The display sits in front of the player, so the person is in a small and captive viewing zone – perfect. These displays use 1080p panels but at SID, the company was showing a 24” 4k prototype running at 30 fps. This could do very well in medical markets, but won’t be a product for another 12-18 months.