Samsung Sets Out Plans for S-Pen

Samsung published an interview with one of its own engineers, Hyesoon Jeong, about the development of the Signature S Pen in the Galaxy Note 8. She said that the aim had been to add features to the latest version rather than upgrading the basic functions.

Jeong said that a popular feature is the ‘Live message’ gif creator, which automatically animates text written with the app. The company also worked with messaging companies around the world, because of the different ways that people communicate. The group also integrated the pen with the Bixby voice software to allow changes to, for example, the colour or type of pen being used can be changed by voice.

Another feature added was the automatic opening of the memo app when the pen is taken out for instant note taking. The memo app now supports up to 100 pages of notes.

Developments were undertaken with Wacom and Jeong said that the collaboration has been going very well and that the companies are working on new features including secure digital signatures.

S Pen Interview Live Message gif