Game Changing HDMI to MIPI & LVDS to MIPI Converter Boards for Mobile LCD Displays

Q-Vio is excited to announce their new low-cost HDMI to MIPI and LVDS to MIPI converter solutions for OEM MIPI display applications in Commercial, Industrial and Consumer markets.

These unique boards will allow designers to take advantage of the latest superior optical features, low-power, high-resolution and low-cost of cellphone and tablet based MIPI LCD displays.

“This is game-changing technology for any OEM currently developing with a standard LVDS or HDMI signal,” states Q-Vio’s President, Ray Pronko. “The Q-Vio Converter opens access to the vast number of MIPI LCD and AMOLED displays used in handheld devices.”

Kirk Frederick, Q-Vio’s VP of Product Development, added “Currently Q-Vio offers these boards pre-programmed for over 20 different high-resolution MIPI panels ranging from 3″ AMOLED to 10.1″ TFT. All 1080p resolution or higher. With a modest MOQ, Q-Vio will program MIPI demo kits for specific client needs and deliver production board orders in four weeks or less.”

Qvio HDMI converter

“With the programming flexibility and a price point simply not available anywhere else in the world today, we expect a lot of OEMs are going to find new and creative ways to use these converter boards to add high-resolution display functionality to enhance their product lines.”

You can view a video demonstration of the Q-Vio HDMI to MIPI and LVDS to MIPI Converter Board at

Q-Vio HDMI to MIPI and LVDS to MIPI Converter Board Features:

  • For OEM designs
  • LCD and AMOLED solutions
  • 720p to 2K resolution available now
  • Over 20 MIPI panels pre-programmed for the low-cost model
  • 2 types available
    • Low-cost non-rotating image version
    • 90deg and image flip rotation version available (Patent Pending)
  • Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) versions available
  • New panel programming in three-four weeks
  • Low-cost NRE for programming
  • Demo kits available
  • 100pc Minimum order

Since 2007, Q-Vio has been developing and producing the most technologically advanced display solutions for a wide range of OEM applications. Q-Vio provides ultra-bright sunlight readable LCD displays and controller kits for MIPI based LCDs and AMOLEDs.

More information about Q-Vio and the New HDMI to MIPI and LVDS to MIPI converters can be found on their website at Direct inquiries can be made on the website or by sending an email to [email protected].

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