Samsung Quits TOLED

Just over a year since Samsung announced production of transparent OLED displays – and two months since the first customer was announced (Korean Hair Salon is First User of SDC’s Mirror OLEDs) – the company has decided not to proceed with production.

The news was first broken by TechRadar, which said that there was not enough interest to justify Samsung’s investment. A news release that we received from Crystal Display Systems, an OEM in the UK which builds transparent displays, confirmed the reports.

CDS wrote, ‘[T]oday [we] have learnt some unfortunate news: that that Samsung has officially made the transparent OLED display panel End Of Life. [This] is the base panel used in all transparent OLED products available on the market. This means that we and other companies can no longer offer this product going forward.’

Tony Large, a director at CDS, added, “Such is the nature of large scale manufacture that without large volume take up on products, fabrication becomes impossible. Coupled with issues of production yield and fragility, the outcome is not entirely unexpected. We are working closely with clients to develop alternative technologies based on proven TLCD technology.”

CDS also confirmed that the global demand was not enough for Samsung, or any major manufacturer, to justify the investment.