Samsung Partners with Warner Bros. to Showcase Highly-Anticipated Movie Trailers on Neo QLED 8K Screens Worldwide

Samsung has joined forces with Warner Bros. Pictures to deliver highly-anticipated movie trailers on Neo QLED 8K screens across more than 65,000 retail stores globally. The collaboration aims to highlight the capabilities of Neo QLED 8K technology, creating excitement among consumers for experiencing films in cinematic quality.

Source: Samsung

To assess the demand for 8K content, Samsung and Warner Bros. conducted a successful trial, featuring the “Creed III” trailer in over 450 retail stores in the United States and Europe earlier this year. According to Samsung, the positive reception and enthusiasm from audiences worldwide demonstrated the growing interest in 8K content. Now, the program has been expanded, allowing shoppers worldwide to see 8K trailers for films like “Barbie,” “Blue Beetle,” “Dune: Part Two,” “Wonka,” and “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.”

For Hollywood, the introduction of 8K resolution in filmmaking represents a significant leap forward from the current 4K standard, offering four times as many pixels and delivering stunning levels of detail, clarity, and realism to video content. Filmmakers and videographers now face challenges in terms of increased storage and processing power requirements, as well as the need for high-quality lenses and equipment to fully exploit 8K’s potential. Additionally, distributing 8K content demands higher bandwidth and faster internet speeds. Despite these obstacles, embracing 8K resolution seems to be something that is at the forefront of developments in cinematography.